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Aaron Frach
Your Ham Lake Chiropractor

  • "Love this place... Awesome staff, and very welcoming atmosphere. I recommend to everyone! I feel great!"
    Therese P
  • "BFC has changed my life. Because of scoliosis I thought I had to live my life in pain. But thanks to chiropractic care, that is not the truth. The time and care Dr. Aaron takes with his patients is the reason I continue to call BFC home for my health needs."
    Sarah D
  • "BFC is amazing! The staff is so friendly and knowledgable. They make it so easy to refer friends and family. The results speak themselves. I cannot thank them enough for all they do! Love you guys!"
    Jessica B
  • "We love coming to BFC! I had regular adjustments throughout my pregnancy and I didn't have back pain up until I delivered. I also had a quick delivery without complications. We've been bringing our son to get adjusted since he was born and can tell it has helped him as well. Thanks Dr. Aaron!"
    Julienne E
  • "I enjoy the friendly atmosphere, availability and convenience. I feel better on a day to day basis and have more energy."
    Annie J
  • "I enjoy my adjustment each week. Dr. Aaron gives me stretches and exercises to work on outside of the office during the week. My back has gotten stronger and I feel more limber than I have the last 10 years."
    Jeff B
  • "I visited Blaine Family Chiropractic for the first time yesterday and it was fantastic. Dr. Aaron was attentive to learning about me and providing immediate relief. I highly recommend you check them out for yourself!"
    Leif E
  • "I had never received a massage prior to this and I was a bit nervous. It was very relaxing and I felt very comfortable. I thought an hour was a long time but really, it was perfect. The massage room is a very appropriate and calm setting and definitely helped me relax. I plan on signing up for more in the future for sure, as well as my husband."
    Alyssa T
  • "Best massage I have had!! So much stress for months, neck, back, chest, massage relieved it all. Still free of muscle stress 3 weeks later."
    Linda S

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Review By Our Satisfied Patient

  • "Dr. Aaron is so caring and friendly and is genuinely interested in how we are doing. The office manager, Kayla, greets us with a big smile when we come in and we look forward to our next visit."
    LeAnn & Bob
  • "A huge shout out to Dr. Kaija Rae!!! She is amazing! She is a great listener and very thorough. Answers questions with professional expertise. She gave me an amazing adjustment making me feel awesome!!! I will definitely be going back! Thank you"
  • "Easy to make an appointment, great location. Support staff is very friendly & personable. Dr. Aaron is a great listener, easy to talk to & very thorough. He wasn't rushed & explained everything really well. He has adjusted both of my teenage boys during hockey season & they both want to continue to see him also. Highly recommend Blaine Family Chiropractic!!"
  • "Blaine Family Chiropractic is fantastic! They take such good care of me and always check in on what my individual needs are at each visit."
  • "Dr. Aaron is professional and passionate about helping others. He has worked wonders on my back!"

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